Posted by: Administrator | July 20, 2011

The Concept of Beard in Islam

Instructing people to learn quran is a basic part of my life. I use to pass most of my time in such activities. My first and foremost important instruction is to Read Quran because all solutions of every matter are available in holy Quran. The problem of today’s people is that they don’t have sufficient knowledge of Islam and just rely on listening from here & there and start putting into practice. There is need of awareness to the people about to clear the picture of Islam. Now come to the point that what is the concept of beard in Islam that is our today’s topic. We will discuss how long or short a beard should be and some other significant issues.

As far as Islamic scholars are concerned, they have the mutual concern that beard is Wajib (mandatory) to Muslims and it is known as a beauty of a Muslim. I’ll quote a Hadith here “Verily, Allah is Beautiful and loves beauty” The above mentioned Hadith shows that Allah almighty preferred best and beautiful things for mankind. Beard is the sign of virtuous people as it distinguish us from non-believers. Beard should be long as one hand but greater then this is better. Avoid to have bearded less than one hand as it is Makrooh, near to haram. All Muslim men should avoid shaving the beard as it is totally haram. To have the clear picture I’ll quote Hadith here.

“Anyone who shaves has no claim to the mercy of Allah”

Trimming is allowed just to shape the beard and it is best that do this practice only on Hajj and Umrah. We should take measures to stop our youth to being westernized. I hope this post will be helpful about the fallacies on beard. For more detail I’ll recommend learning Holy Quran so that you can get every solution of every problem easily.


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